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BC&A, is an architectural office, based in Viana do Castelo, in the North of Portugal, whose multidisciplinary team develops architectural projects in all their aspects, social, cultural, tourist, commercial, industrial, etc.

Overall, it is clear that the future is subtly moving us towards standardization processes and their maximization, where quality control systems prevail. It is an inevitable reality, with which we are currently being confronted, not only due to the scarcity of specialized labor in the construction area, but above all due to the time factor, which nowadays overrides the importance of the spatial dimension.

Design is the basis of our project process. It is with sketches and freehand drawings that we communicate as a team. It is with him that the project was born and during its development we see its features become more rigid and more geometric. Geometry is the tool that allows us to control the design, to give it more rigor and that is always present when guaranteeing the appropriate scale of the spaces we design, allowing us to control the proportion between them, in the search for achieving spatial aesthetic harmony. in the proposed final image.

The next projects will certainly influence and reflect the knowledge acquired in the exploration of different techniques and materials, always framed in art and history in general, allowing users to see themselves in the era in which they live.

We create architecture to serve the needs of 21st century human beings. XXI

The main core of the company is made up of architects Branco Cavaleiro, Carina Viana, Vitor Couteiro, Vanessa Arezes and Maria Araújo. The company started with small projects, gradually increasing to the point where today we do it on a global scale, with a strong influence in Africa, a continent that still offers creative freedom, a freedom of design that we cannot find in more bureaucratized countries.


Buildings and cities are a fundamental part of our heritage and evolve over time, shaped by social, technological and economic changes. The past is an important factor in understanding the evolution of architecture, but the future is where our imagination has the greatest chance of influencing.

At BC&A, we consider design as the basis of the entire construction process. From there, we develop innovative solutions, taking into account user needs and urban contexts. The experience and work of our multidisciplinary team is aimed at ensuring that the results meet our clients' expectations, with work that is ethically visible and dignified for our profession.

We do not limit ourselves to our comfort zone, which is why we are always open to new challenges, taking our name anywhere in the world, whenever we are asked to do so.

We believe in the importance of sustainability and the use of advanced technologies, such as BIM, to optimize our processes and guarantee the quality and efficiency of our projects.

At BC&A, we value publishing our work and participating in competitions, which allows us to publicize and share our ideas, as well as contributing to the development of architecture.

In short, at BC&A, we believe that architecture is an art that develops from collaboration with all actors involved, requiring permanent monitoring of legislation and new technologies, ethics, responsibility, creativity in the search for excellence, having as a horizon a future that leaves us fulfilled.


Atelier Branco Cavaleiro Architects was founded in 2002 by architect Rui Jorge Branco Cavaleiro, current CEO of the company. Since then, he has worked and responded with a multidisciplinary team that integrates all architectural specialties to respond to the unique challenges of each project. In 2018, Carina Quintas Viana, who has been at Atelier since its foundation, became part of the company's corporate bodies, as a partner, and the firm was renamed Branco Cavaleiro & Associados.

First place in the ideas competition for the Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Center (CMIA) project in Viana do Castelo, promoted by VianaPolis for young architects in 2002, was a milestone in the company's history, allowing, from then on, its sustained growth supported by an evolutionary logic of learning and search for knowledge.

The world is constantly changing, and we are pleased to know that we are an integral part of this transformation.