Sustainable Architecture

Our team is made up of architects with different skills and fields. We use the latest technologies, including BIM (Building Information Modeling), to guarantee efficient and innovative solutions, as well as AI (Artificial Intelligence), Additive manufacturing and other subsystems to support the design and construction phases, to guarantee your environmental certification.

The world is constantly changing and we tried to predict these changes through a wide range of ideas applied to projects, the result of a reflection of practices on specific subjects and needs, related to the daily lives of people and their places, (functional, technical, technological, ergonomic, etc.) and above all with the environment and its preservation.

Sustainability is a priority in all of our projects. We incorporate sustainable practices into our work methodology and do everything possible to minimize the environmental impact of our projects, which is reflected both in the choice of technical solutions to implement and in the selection of environmentally friendly materials.

The implementation of advanced technologies to maximize construction allows improving the efficiency, quality and sustainability of projects, such as:

- Use of modeling and simulation technology to optimize project layouts and spatial distribution, aiming for greater efficiency and use of space;

- Development of projects with modular construction systems, allowing greater efficiency in construction and reducing waste;

- Use of sustainable and recyclable materials in construction, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of projects;

- Development of automation and robotization systems, allowing greater efficiency and precision in construction;

- Use of energy monitoring and control technologies to ensure the efficient use of resources, such as electricity and water, during the construction and use of the building.