Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Planning

BC&A offers innovative solutions in all aspects of architecture, including urban planning and interior design.

We believe in teamwork. It is fundamental to the success of a project. We work in close collaboration with our clients, partners and collaborators to ensure that the project comes as close as possible to the expectations created.

The project is a whole that is divided into phases of a process that interacts with many actors, who together materialize our ideas. We end up being the main actor of a cast that gathers around him, hence the high degree of responsibility that we are given in each project developed.

The work process is organized and employee-centered, which allows us to achieve creative and innovative solutions. We believe in the importance of clear and effective communication, and we work with a collaborative spirit to achieve the objectives of each project. We like to involve our clients in all phases of the process, giving them confidence and security in the investments and projects they entrust to us.

Our services:

- Architectural projects, from conception to execution;

- Provision of consultancy services in architecture and urban planning;

- Coordination of multidisciplinary teams involved in construction projects;

- Monitoring of the work, including monitoring the execution of the project;

- Interior design and space decoration;

- Planning and management of urban spaces, from territorial planning to urban requalification;